A short show full of surprises inside a surprisingly long pig.

PIG is an ever popular, eye-catching installation and show, featuring a 9m-long sleeping sow in a pen. You can see her snuffling, opening and closing her eyes, and hear her snoring. A farm-hand invites ten people at a time into the pen to take a peek at a 10-minute long, unexpected piece of theatre inside her belly.

PIG has captured the imagination of audiences all over the world, and always attracts crowds curious to discover what’s going on inside. TV crews have flown from as far afield as Seoul and Miami to film the show.

PIG is an outdoor theatre event suitable for all ages, and works best with a mixed audience of adults and children. Performances run approximately every 15-minutes, for 2-hours twice a day, with a cast of three.

More images, including concept art and creation, can be found in the PIG Flickr collection.

Some short videos of PIG can found on our YouTube channel.

“An outstanding theatrical piece.”
The Guardian
“Amazingly popular.”
Frank Wilson (Director – Stockton International Riverside Festival)
“PIG was a triumph … totally delighted audiences … brilliantly enhanced the festive feel.”
Claudia Woolgar (Director – Kilkenny Arts Festival)
“A delightful performance that captivates children and adults alike.”
Ana Gillespie (Assistant Producer – Lyric Hammersmith, London)
“The highlight of the weekend.”
City Life Magazine (Manchester)
“We had rave reports of your visit to Galway.”
Lali Morris (Director – Baboro Festival, Galway)
“Thank you for doing such a wonder work for our festival.”
Francis Shen (Taipei Arts Festival, Taiwan)
“Lovely and very special. PIG is always a favourite.”
Billie Klinger (Derby Feste)
“Equally unusual, unique and entertaining.”
Gerry Moran (The Kilkenny People)
“Your work is fantastic. My daughter still remembers the first time she saw PIG a few years ago.”
Rosemary Kay (audience member)
“Tout est bon dans le cochon. Une bonne dose de derision et humeur anglaise.”
Vers L’Avenir (Namur, Belgium)
“Unexpected, impressive thing: Whalley Range All Stars’ PIG.”
Manchizzle blogspot
“I think I’ve just bonded with your PIG…”
Lynn Mealings (Wrexham Arts Festival)
“I’ve always just been to big theatres. But it was so much funnier to see the actors inside a pig.”
Lea – aged 7
“I’ve never been to the theatre. But if it’s always as funny as here, I really want to go there more often.”
Thomas – aged 10
“We think it’s fantastic.”
Fernando Marín (Kaldearte)


Overall Design & Conception
Sue Auty and Edward Taylor

Devised by
Sue Auty, Steve Gumbley and Edward Taylor

Pig Body Design
Penny Saunders

Pig Body Made by
Sue Auty

Pig Head by
Andy Plant, Ali Wood and Max Orton (RIP)

Music by
Clive Bell

Drum Programming
Max Hallett

Additional Making
Sue Auty, Dave Chadwick, Steve Gumbley, and Edward Taylor

Funded by
Arts Council England National Touring Programme.