Whalley Range All Stars stopped touring in October 2022

Whalley Range All Stars was one of the UK’s leading street theatre companies. Our theatre shows combined visual art with performance to create vivid, entertaining productions for outdoor festivals and events.

Formed in 1982 by Artistic Directors, Edward Taylor and Sue Auty, our mission was to create theatre in places which are accessible to everyone therefore we worked outdoors ( most of the time!).

40 years spent creating precisely 100 shows/events/installations, touring to 26 countries over 5 continents, working with a stellar cast of artists, makers and performers and winning artistic, critical and popular acclaim for our vivid, imaginative work.

You can read a brief summary of what we did here: http://totaltheatre.org.uk/someone-had-to-do-it/

Head over to our Flickr page to see a bigger archive of photos and art work.


“Fantastic performances … the ideal thing … I had a good time watching all that screaming, laughing and pointing … Charming and satisfyingly eccentric.”
Laura McDermott (Creative Producer – Greenwich & Docklands International Festival)


“this extraordinary work is fascinating, highly amusing and quite unexpected … the pure joy and excitement of seeing a group of people transported together from our normal world to a different imaginative world. The best street arts work.”
Bill Gee (On Tour magazine).

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