CAKE takes to the kitchen to tell a story of valour and bravery as fresh as lemon-scented washing-up liquid.

A heroic knight sets out, through a forest of forks and a mountain of washing up, to do battle with a vicious set of snapping teeth which threatens a large cake and the community that lives inside it.

A brand new, intimate object-theatre show for children and families, designed for indoor performance, with self-contained lighting and sound.

CAKE’s ingredients feature the same attention to visual detail and theatrical surprise that characterise Whalley Range All Stars celebrated outdoor performances.

“Really engaging… So inventive, the children were entranced… Perfect length… Lots for me to build on in the classroom.”
Staff from Helmshore Primary School

“It was the best show I’ve seen in my whole wide life it was absolutely amazing… The best bit was when the teeth tried to eat the cake… My favourite was the final battle.”
Children from Helmshore Primary School



Direction and Original Story by
Edward Taylor

Performed by
Sue Auty and Beka Haigh

Design and Making by
Bryan Tweddle, Sue Auty, Beka Haigh and Edward Taylor

Music by
Matt Wand

Thanks to
Liz Walker, Alison Duddle, Ian Broscombe and Lizzie Lockhart

100px-Arts_Council_LogoFunded by Arts Council England.