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YE GODS is a new show by the Whalley Range All Stars.
It features a model town which occupies a 5m diameter circle..

3 performers tower over the proceedings like gods/figures of fate.
They gradually bring this miniature town to life with a witty use of objects that are placed inside buildings and which trigger appropriate sound effects.

Church bells ring out, a factory grinds into action, there’s a boozy sing-along in the pub and the local dog’s home can’t stop its inmates barking at the church bells.
By the time these three have finished the entire tiny town is humming with noise and life.

HOWEVER.. all is not rosy in this world.

The 3 performers are not sentimental and are quite willing to undo what they have built up. A scene of destruction inflicted by a rogue weather pattern ensues.
The audience look down on all this.
All is not lost, something is reborn from this miniature disaster area and thus the cycle carries on.
YE GODS features striking visuals, a vivid sound installation, sardonic wit, random acts of tenderness, eruptions of irresponsibility and a micro-apocalypse courtesy of some weather on wheels.

It is performed 2 times a day and is 30 minutes in length .It is performed on flat ground in the round – concrete is best but grass is okay as well.
The show is technically self-contained but needs power and help to load, unload and clean up after the apocalypse.


Overall Design and Conception
Edward Taylor and Sue Auty
Set Design and Creation
Bryan Tweddle with assistance from Peadar Long and Steven Gumbley

Music and sound
Clive Bell and Matt Wand.
Performance devised by
Sue Auty, Edward Taylor and Peter Finegan
Additional making and painting
Edward Taylor, Sue Auty and Vanessa Card

With thanks to Nick Mitchell





Development of the show supported by the Boo, Waterfoot and Newbury 101 Creation Space