A new mobile street theatre piece from Whalley Range All Stars.
There’s an extremely large python curled up asleep where it shouldn’t be.

Shakespeare said “Let sleeping dogs lie”. But this is a python. And something must be done.


So, three fully trained zoo-keepers are sent to capture the python and return it back to captivity.

Pills are administered to calm the creature, but anaesthetics for snakes do not have long-lasting effects. It’s something to do with the length of the animal, and this is one long animal.

Python On The Loose is a mobile piece of street theatre that aims to get in the way, as well as present an absurd, eye-catching image.



Overall Design and Conception
Edward Taylor and Sue Auty

Created and Devised by
Sue Auty, Edward Taylor, Chris Squire and Steven Gumbley

Music and Sound
Matt Wand