A world of inanities not too far from home. An indoor show about family life, with action verging on bedlam.


“Lunchtime Theatre at the Solem Bar. Eat your meal on the edge of a colourful and clever set amid the sounds of a burping radio with verbal diarrhoea. An artificial, stupid goldfish circles mindlessly on a record player while the human radio discusses the size of the Russian Navy and the husband and wife team gargle tea and perform the dance of the flying dragons. The husband assembles a do-it-yourself, dream bathroom around himself so well that he can’t get out of it. Simultaneously his wife reveals gems of her life from her scrapbook, and discovers a dead animal inside.

Bombard your senses with a brand of dramatic anarchy which includes stories of ‘Tex the venomous slug’ and disturbed dreams about rhinoceri. It is difficult to say exactly what The Painted House is about. Suffice it to say that the play involves the triangle of a married couple and a human radio.”



Created and Performed by
Sue Auty, Terry Naylor and Edward Taylor