Whalley Range All Stars have been opening eyes and stimulating the imaginations of audiences all over the world since 1982. The Best Of All Possible Worlds is their first ( very ) loose adaptation of a classic book –Candide.



To begin with the characters are prised out of the comfort zone of Voltaire’s novel and placed in an unfamiliar world. This trio of innocents continuously buffeted by fate and circumstance pick their way through a pile-up of obstacles, barriers and misfortunes in an unpredictable, unstable landscape -it’s truly The Best Of All Possible Worlds.

This panoramic vision of the world  takes place on a large table-top. It takes the form of a puppet/object theatre show and will be presented with all the visual panache and wit that is expected from the Whalley Range All Stars. The company is working with D/deaf artists in order to bring an additional and different perspective to the goings


We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from Arts Council England Grants for the Arts to produce this show .