An installation of automated birds in unexpected situations.
Specially commissioned for The Lowry Centre (Salford), and running continuously for more than a year.

The challenge was to create something that would animate the non-gallery spaces at The Lowry.

WRAS took a look at the huge foyer of the venue, with its labyrinth of escalators, tall spaces and bright colours, and decided to treat it as if it were a giant walk-in aviary that you might find in a modern zoo; at first you see nothing and then gradually a sound or movement makes you realise that there are birds there.

Visitors discovered a series of mechanical birds that had somehow got inside and made themselves at home. There were eight types of bird to look out for; a kookaburra, a murder of crows, a vulture, humming birds, a woodpecker, a toucan, a macaw and a nest of chicks.



Original Concept by
Sue Auty and Edward Taylor
Development by
Sue Auty, Andy Plant, Edward Taylor and Matt Wand
Automata Design and Construction
Andy Plant
Sound Design and Video
Matt Wand
Sue Auty, Carina de Wit, Max Orton, Andy Plant, Lena Sass Hughes and Edward Taylor
Wiring and Electrical Advice
Gerry Clarke
Thanks to
Louise Ormerod, Alan Gorvett, Pat Selden, Helen Davies, Brass Arts and Tim Hunkin
Commissioned by The Lowry (Salford), with funding from Arts Council England North West.