The further adventures of (Professor) Bill Beasley – inventor, gardener, novelist,
sculptor and genetic engineer.


A large, outdoor show at the Chorlton Pavilion, featuring a windmill, a magic firegarden, and a dark city of the dead illuminated eerily by lantern and fire-light.

“All in all, Bill Beasley leads a full and interesting life. But things take on a bizarre new perspective one day when, while Bill is working on his masterpiece – ‘Man’s inhumanity to fish’, a sculpture ten years in the making – a hand emerges from the middle of the table, followed by an entire limb. Two more of the same sprout from the armchair and grope the amazed Professor. The owners of these arms could be: 1) Burglars; 2) Commandos or 3) Coal Miners. Whatever their occupation they bring turmoil to his life.

Bill’s involuntary journey through the backyard of his, or somebody else’s mind continues, confronting him with strange people and peculiar places until eventually, though reaching home again, he is left tired and disillusioned, and hangs a For Sale sign over his house.”



Invented, Built and Performed by
Sue Auty, Nick Barnie, Dave Calladine, Dave Chadwick, and Edward Taylor
Music by
Dave Praties
Lights by
Terry Naylor
Thanks to:
Community Arts Workshop, Leada Scaffolding, Jeremy Shine, Pete Gluckstein, Dave Mason and Nenagh Watson