A lo-fi interactive amusement arcade which separated the mind from the body in a most entertaining way.


A peep-box installation/performance consisting of seven large boxes on stilts, each with a hole in the bottom. Inside each box was a micro-environment and the arrival of a person’s head ‘completed’ the environment to humorous and surprising effect. There were 15 different micro-environments in all, ensuring that the participant found their heads in many unexpected situations, including one with a live performer.

It premiered for ten days at Canary Wharf, where it was Time Out magazine’s ‘Pick of the Week’ for two weeks running, and an appearance at Manchester’s Streets Ahead Festival was rated a highlight of the month-long festival. It toured subsequently to venues throughout the UK, causing a feeding frenzy of interest wherever it appeared, including Henley Festival where was described by the festival director as a “mini-sensation”.



Created by
Sue Auty, Cath Corrigan and Edward Taylor