A totally relaxing, action-packed experience.

Five members of the public were invited to climb into an extraordinary, oversized four-poster bed. Safely tucked in under a super deluxe-sized duvet, they were wheeled into a small marquee, to experience an intimate, vivid 10-minute show; a 3D bed-time story, featuring striking visual imagination and plenty of surprises unfolding with the fuzzy logic of a dream. Five performers ensured that the experience was a truly 360-degree affair, and that the four-poster bed wasn’t the only thing larger than life.


Overall Design and Concept
Sue Auty and Edward Taylor

Performed by
Sue Auty, Chris Davies, Steve Gumbley, Pat Selden, Edward Taylor, and Scott Tomlinson

Original Soundtrack by
Clive Bell

Environment Constructed by
Andy Plant

Bed, Interior Design and Construction
Andy Plant and Max Orton

Objects, Props and Bedding
Sue Auty, Bill Auty, Steve Gumbley and Edward Taylor

Additional Music and Singing
Sylvia Hallett and Max Hallett

Paul Herrmann

Thanks to
Clare Maddocks, Jane Hytch, Frank Wilson, Jonathan Holloway, Maureen Jordan, Nick Chapman, Martin at Eurocar, Pat at Bradford Tenting, Tim Hoyle, Clone Zone, Lizzie Lockhart, Jane Revitt, Liz Pugh, Laura Richmond, Jeremy Shine, Anne Tucker, and Bill Gee and Tony at Wellington House

Commissioned by Streets Ahead, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Coventry Belgrade Theatre Arts Alive and the National Theatre.

Additional funding from North West Arts Board Regional Arts Lottery Programme.

“What a performance from start to finish. It amounted to a creative masterpiece.”
Bexhill Observer

“A glorious mix of (literally) moving pictures, songs and animated objects.”
Total Theatre magazine

“Absolutely fabulous … Brilliant, thoroughly entertaining and original … A lovely piece … Ingenious – out of this world … Highly imaginative … Unexpected and relaxing … Super soundtrack … A work of great invention … Superbly executed … Stunning … Like all good shows I didn’t want it to end … Cosy, surprising and loads of fun … Felt a warm glow, it took me back to my childhood … My jaws aching – Great stuff! … You never knew what was going to happen next … It smelt nice. Quirky and very, very funny … Weird but very original 10/10!! … Quite incredible.”

“We had to share a bed with six, the bed was shoved in, that way an intimate performance could take place on the bed, a performance which is of no interest to the audience outside, but fortunately for the ones in bed it was. You certainly don’t fall asleep. Men in pyjamas crawl out of the wall, big storybooks fall from the wall and a big book with a story about ducks is opened. It is fun to watch this story. After this the ducks fly over your head over the busy city. We also see small heads appear in window-frames and we get presented a well sung song. The performance lasts a quarter of an hour but you come out with a good feeling. Please do keep the eyes open, otherwise you’ll miss a very nice performance with a lot of humour.”
Straattheater.net – on performances at Hasselt.