Introducing Glock and Beretta

A lot of WRAS work starts life as drawings. Once an image has been revealed to have theatrical possibilities I start work drawing as many of those possibilities as I can think of. I usually manage 100-200 drawings before we start work on the production of a show.

The drawings aren’t intended to be storyboards or determine how things should look. They just throw up ideas about the structure of the show or how different scenes could be linked together – very useful when you’re in rehearsal and have got stuck.

Glock & Beretta started life as a bed-time story-book in our 2002 show Bedcases. Since then they’ve occasionally re-appeared in drawings. Given that they wouldn’t go away I decided that they may have a life in the pages of a large painted cartoon book where each page is animated by simple tricks undertaken by 2 story-tellers/page-turners.

The drawings are inspired by early Tom and Jerry/Road-Runner cartoons, where the character’s motivations are comically murderous and Al Columbia’s work, where children pick their way through a nightmarish world.

Glock & Beretta are your typical squabbling siblings whose rivalry tips over the edge into casual cruelty yet they emerge on the next page totally unscathed and ready to fight again. Usually they are trying to kill each other but occasionally they are victims of the same potentially fatal situation – a situation they have brought on themselves. They were great fun to draw.

130 Glock and Beretta drawings are now available in a full colour book available from or from Amazon

In the meantime here’s a taste of what to expect.

Glock and Beretta artist Edward Taylor